About Us

Our Inspiration


They have adorned our lives since ancient times. Formed and refined by the movement of the earth under intense geological conditions, they are a rare and beautiful contribution to humanity’s cultural and material heritage.

Throughout human history, their rarity and unique character have symbolised individual expression, family lineage, and social standing. Enduring for millennia and centuries, not decades or years, gems and their beauty will be shared across generations of families.

We believe it is essential to understand and celebrate the cultures touched by the beauty of the gems we offer to the world.

We aim to create sustainable, durable, and beautiful jewellery that shares the passion of the people and places integral to their creation.

Our Story

We started out with a personal dream: to travel to the places we love, support the people that call those places home, source unique gems, and create bold jewellery pieces that will become a part of your family heritage.

We are two individuals from different cultures and backgrounds who joined forces to create a loving family with a passion for beauty, growth, and discovery. We appreciate the unique beauty of the cultures we visit and the gems we are privileged to share.

Sarah is a qualified gemmologist (FGA) with a passion for jewellery and design. She has deep experience trading in antique and vintage jewellery, and cultivated a deep knowledge of the materials, styles and trends that coalesce into creating timeless jewellery.

Adam has a broad background in the corporate world, and loves to figure out how to make things work. Always searching for a good story - and keen to cut through jargon - he relishes the challenge of ensuring a supply chain for gemstones and jewellery production, and understanding the detail behind what makes a gemstone 'ethical'.

Our vision is to connect our jewellery with the people, places, and cultures that contribute to their unique beauty. We are excited to share our journey of discovery with you as we realise and expand our vision.