Our Process

We design jewellery that celebrates the beauty and history of gems, the heritage of the cultures that bring gems to light, and the discerning individuals that adopt these pieces into their family histories.

It is our mission to understand the journey travelled by the gems and jewellery we sell to ensure that our customers understand the inputs, processes, and practices that create the jewellery they love, why their jewellery is unique and valuable, and how their jewellery connects them to the broader history of humanity.

We source gems from mines that care for the Earth, being respectful of the places in which they operate, that engage fairly the mine workers that lovingly and diligently bring these gems to market, and that share our love of the cultures and stories of the places where these gems are discovered.

We aim to connect the history of this ancient industry with the people who desire to make our jewellery a part of their own personal stories, and seek to understand the environmental, social and political impact of each of the materials, suppliers and craftspeople that contribute its creation.